Taking a Vacation Anywhere

There is a common misconception of what a vacation truly is. One that I have fallen short to until very recently.¬†Many of us believe a vacation has to be the body physically moving somewhere else, that a vacation starts only when we reach a destination. And you’ve got a point. . .right?


Very recently, a good friend of mine has joined me up in norcal(northern california) to catch up, and learn how to cook. Even though I still went to class, had school, and did many of my normal routines, I still felt like I was on vacation. It was the most peculiar thing. And that is when I noticed the truth in the saying, “It is not where you are, but who you are with, not what you are doing, but who you are doing it with.”


We had such a high quality of conversation, comfort, and rapport, that my mind felt at ease, and of course, cooking some delicious food didn’t hurt either. So what is there to learn?


Well, I think the important thing to notice is that we don’t have to go anywhere amazing to gain the same mental solitude or sanctuary. Whenever you feel yourself needing some type of break after a long trial of hard work and progress, then find a friend that you can just release yourself with(I know how that sounds).


A vacation should not be defined by the amount of dollars that you spend, the food that you eat, or the place that you dwell. It should be defined by whether or not you come back feeling like you had a vacation.

So what do you require in order to feel like you have had a vacation? I need to have a lot of down time, and sit down and talk about whatever I want with another individual. And since I did that for the entire day, I felt amazing. What do you need?


Do you need to see nature? Go to a park nearby with a friend, or go on a hike starting from where you live, and ending at a beach, a forest, whatever.

Do you need to get a tan? If you have a backyard, or a beach nearby, there you go~


But what I want to stress is that it is not about what you do or where you go, but who ydoes all that with you. You have to find someone of value that can provide a mental sanctuary of sorts, a relationship that is refreshing in and of itself.


And this goes back to being picky about who you choose to surround yourself with. Limit the time you spend with people that hurt you, or do not add value. Life is hard enough, you don’t need to make it any harder on yourself.


Get that friend, and go on vacation!



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