Writing Strategy: A Daily Grind of 300 Words

So for the past month, I have been writing blog posts everyday. I wake up at around 5-6am and I churn out my 300 words. Sometimes I go way over, sometimes I go a little under. But the point is that I make it a habit to write everyday, and create. It feels good to have that little success in my day.

And the point that I want to make in my post today is that, this is life. Life is a slow grind, and nothing valuable comes quickly. You have to be patient, and give it your best on the daily. You natural state should be to hustle. Find ways to tweak your day, and I promise you, you will be surprised by where you will be in a few months. And you will barely be able to recognize yourself in a year.

So here is what I want you to do.

  1. Wake up earlier.
  2. Start a habit, do something that you can do everyday, that will make you a better person.

It doesn’t have to be writing, just make it something that will make you better~ Give yourself a little win, heck why not start with doing 50 push ups? Push yourself, and flex your muscle that is discipline. I know I have quoted this before, and I will most likely keep quoting it because it is absolutely true.

“Disicipline Equals Freedom” -Jocko Willink

Give yourself it’s gift. Liberate yourself from the idea that you are set in your ways. Free yourself from your fears, and show the world that nothing can stop you from being who you want and should be. Be someone that you can be proud of. Encourage others by showing them the way yourself. Lead by example. Lead by change. And just like that, we hit 300.



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