Being Lazy, and how to wake up Hardcore

So I woke up at around 6 am today. And I know to some, that is pretty early already. However let me put that into perspective. I usually wake up at around 5:30.

But… why?

Well, I just like getting my work done as soon as I wake up.

  • I have the most creative energy, and so creativity comes more naturally.
  • If no one else is awake, that means no interruptions.
  • Which ultimately means I can be in a state of creative flow.


Now why this is bad. It’s just 30 mins later right? Wrong. The big battles are won through small victories. If you allow yourself to be weak, in hope that you will be strong later, “when it really counts”, you will inevitably fail. Why? Every time you  allow yourself the liberty to not be disciplined, that is one more small chink in the armor. One more weakness to exploit.


Excellence isn’t found on game day, it is discovered in training, training hard. Excellence is not something you can just turn off or on, it is something that you have to cultivate and exercise on the daily.


So whenever you find yourself slipping, be afraid, be very afraid. Catch yourself, and correct course. Perfection is within your grasp.


But I want to stop all the cheesiness for a second, and be real. I am not perfect.  I am not even close to perfect. I am so far from perfect that it is sad. So whenever I am writing post such as these, know that I am not saying these things to show you how perfect I am, know that I am writing them for you, but also for me. These are things that I need to remind myself constantly. Why did I wake up after 6? Because when I woke up at 4:30, I thought I’m tired so I should sleep more. I am mentally weak. I allow myself to slip, and I think we all have a problem with that. SO…


Join me on my journey to become successful in every way.






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