My Love of Jazz

There will be no advice in this post, just some good o’l lovin.

There was a warmth in the air. During those days there weren’t any air conditioners, just fans. The floors were made of wood, and everything had a brown teal. And at the center of all the wood, and the dusty, warm air was a nice wall piano, a drum set, and a mic stand.

And on a nice summer day, some people would be playing. You would first hear a nice melody on the piano, then a slow rattle on the drums. Just soft enough to make your close your eyes and enjoy. Then the man on the trumpet would stand. When the mood finally kicked in, love would come in. A nice rhyme of melody and passion that would make your mind go dashin.

Jazz baby.  Boy could they play, and they would. Each song was around 20 minutes long, and you would love every minute. Sometimes the trumpet would quiet down, along with the piano, and the drums would have the spotlight. Para-diddles, crashes, the drums would engulf you. The sounds of the snares in both ears, followed by the occasional chord from both the piano and the drum.

Then the piano would have solo. You would hear every note on that keyboard. The player’s head would be going up and down, and everyone would justly follow. Hard hits. soft hits, fast hits, slow hits, ahh man. And then all of a sudden, the trumpet comes crashing in. He would play just as fast as the piano, and the battle was on.

It was in their eyes man. A slight glance from the piano to the drums. Then they looked away and smiled back at their instruments. The trumpet would point his instrument to the piano, and they would do the same thing.

After a few more glances, and few more battles, the tone would change. The piano would play slower, the drums softer, and the trumpet would go romantic. And before you know it, the trumpet would play a single note, the last note. The piano would turn blue, and the drums quiet. The trumpet note would linger in the air, and then it was gone. The blues, the jazz was still there, and then an applause would appear.

That was jazz man.

I hope you guys liked it~ This was a bit of creative writing. I was listening to this, and thought I should write some content on jazz. Not just a form of entertainment, but an experience. I hope you guys liked this blog post, and you will keep following my blog, and myself as a blogger.

Thanks guys,



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