12 Days of Gratitude Challenge Series!

In the light of Christmas slowly coming closer, I wanted to prepare for the season of giving by trying to spread the spirit of gratitude. Instead of expecting gifts, what if we didn’t expect anything, and anything we do get, we appreciate with all of our hearts, and fully embody a spirit of gratitude.


So in order to accomplish the spirit of gratitude I will be releasing a challenge everyday for 12 days until Christmas Eve. These challenges will all be engineered to remind you of all the blessings you currently have in your life, and force you to see how good we all have it.


We are a generation of self-entitled and self-righteous brats, so let’s change that.

Here is the first video~https://youtu.be/6jk0m_nZuTo


The first challenge will come out tomorrow,but make sure to join the challenge by commenting on the video, and subscribing~


Let’s be simply grateful guys!



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