Sam’s Principals to Life

I was recently advised to make an exact  list of principals by an extremely great and honorable man. I was interested by the idea, and so I told myself that I would get on it. However, principals always change and evolve over time. They do this, because we are not perfect, and so our morals or ethics are not perfect. However, defining them and having a strict list will only help you maneuver through life. So, without further due, here’s my list of principals. (I lowkey want to make this viral, too many stupid things go viral, so if we can make this viral that would be great, please share with your friends, and make your own list!)

so, as a celebration of this being my 100th Post, Please enjoy my PRINCIPALS!

Sam’s Principals to Life!


  1. Learn and grow everyday.
    I have to be better. Life is growth, and if I am not growing, then I am dying. I study Chinese everyday, upload youtube videos at least once a week, write a blog post daily, I do a lot of things to make sure that I get better.
  2. Be a gentlemen.
    Before, I just wanted to be a player. After experiencing that, I realized I wanted to be a moral gentlemen, that treats women with respect. Not only because they deserve it, but because I am capable and moral (selfish, I know).
    I made a post about this, if you wanted more detail check out, “My journey to becoming a man, a boyfriend, a lover, and a respectable human being“.
  3. Take responsibility. Extreme Ownership.
    Everything that happens to you is your fault. If you feel pissed off, depressed, or anything else, it is not because someone hit you, or said something bad to you. No, it is because you let them hurt you.
  4. Discipline=Freedom
    Looks like Jocko Willink is making another appearance, but this is a quote from him, and I thought it was perfect to my ideas of discipline. With discipline, you will just get more things done.
  5. Be Humble. Know that you know nothing.
    I have an issue with pride and humility. The fact that I have to continually tell myself this, reveals the pride that I have. And this is true, every year I reflect on who I was, I realize that I knew nothing, nothing compared to the person I am now. And this will happen for the rest of my life, so I must know that I always know nothing.
  6. Be picky with who you allow into your life. “You’re the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with most.
    I have gotten this principal down pretty good. I do not have many friends, I only have a select few people that I spend the majority of my time with. Now this is not because I am anti-social, it’s strategic. I do not want a person to lower my average. If I find that a person is generally negative, lazy, and ungrateful, then I will actively choose not to spend time with that person. This may sound narcissistic, due to the fact that I am, quite literally, judging people, but I will not stop doing this.You are a precious person, and you have to protect yourself from people that will affect your thoughts.


Now I hope to revisit this some day, and make them more specific, but I think this gives you a good outline of what kind of person I am, and what I find important when it comes to life. Write your own list of principals down below. Share this post, let’s make this go viral!





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