Being Trasparent

I need to show you who I am. I need to show you who I am entirely, warts and all. I can tell you about all the things I am doing right in my life, but then I become inhuman. Sure being transparent is good for the soul, and for the ego, but there is a marketing edge to it as well. If you are transparent, you are human, and people like that.


You will get more attention, and people will latch onto you, and it will be easier to build an audience. If you ever needed more motivation to reveal yourself, let it be this. People do not like perfection, they like humanity. They like happiness tied with sadness to make the light lighter, and the dark darker. People are not stupid. They want complexity, because complexity is authentic.


I am not talking about routines or messy lifestyles, but rather, I am talking about the actual content itself. Sure you can map out every minute of every day, but one of those days, something will go wrong. You’ll get cut off, and you will have to push everything back by 5 minutes. You will get pissed off, depressed, and lonely. When that happens, do not hide away.


Failing is not bad, it is human.

Stop trying to look good. Within the effort of trying to beautify ourselves, we hide what truly makes us beautiful and distinct. We hide ourselves. The filtered version of ourselves that we carefully allow the people to see is a lie. That is not who we are, it is a fallacy.


Be who you are, because that is literally the best you. It is the best you, because there are no other you(s). You will always be the best/worst you in the moment. There will always be scars, and they can always be either blemishes or beauty marks. Every scar is a womb for growth. Be your scarred, true, beautiful self.


Be you,




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