Understanding your weaknesses

I have taken up a new endeavor. I have started to listen to keynotes while writing blog posts. I wanted to see how I could divide my attention during synthesis. And during my writing, I came to a realization about the process of attaining a new skill.

The Innovation

When we try to attain a skill, whether it be a language, a recipe, or a class, we expect ourselves a level of mastery that is unfair. When we start, and we inevitably fail, we are too hard on ourselves, and we forget a crucial truth. You are a beginner. You’re not suppose to be good right away, so do not be surprised by the short-stops.

In the book Creative Confidence by Tom Kelley, he speaks of the characteristics of a creative. One of the key features of a “creative”(although all of us can be creative, we just have to choose to be creative), is the ability to accept defeat, reorganize, and try again. The people we would consider geniuses, such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Elon Musk(Tesla), or Henry Ford, all failed a numerous amount of times. They failed until they didn’t.

So whenever you are starting, understand that is exactly what you’re doing-starting. It is okay to fail. In fact it is good that you are failing. If you fail, that means you are one failure closer to succeeding. And plus, it’s just an optimistic way to look at it.

I hope you guys liked this post. Here’s a quick video that you guys might like!

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