Confidence vs. Cockiness

We all understand that once someone becomes too confident, then they become cocky. This post will just clarify when confidence actually turns into cockiness. What thin line must the confident man cross to turn into a cocky man?


The transition starts within the internal dialogue, and the difference is simply between the phrases, “I can” and “I will”. It is a subtle difference, but that is the thin line.


Say you are about to get on a mat in some sort of martial arts form that you have been practicing for a long time, and you are about to go up against someone that you have respect for. Now the confident man will say, “I can win if I. . .”, and the cocky man will say, “I will win”.  The cocky man expects, the confident man plans.


The cocky individual KNOWS that he/she will win, that it is inevitable because of how skilled they are.

The confident individual knows that he/she can win, if they prepare in the right fashion. True confidence is a concoction of humility, reality, and preparation.

Cockiness is disillusionment and ignorance.

Defeat is interpreted differently as well. The confident man will reflect, and the cocky man will reject. The confident will analyze the loss, and reflect on how they can use the situation to learn and improve. The cocky will blame others, and do whatever they can to protect the delusional view they have of themselves.


Confidence makes you strong.

Cockiness makes you weak.

That is the difference.



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