“The Art of Asking” for help~

Many of you many not be aware, but I am Korean. And like most countries that were under foreign control, and gained back sovereignty, we have a lot of national pride. And it seems that national pride has somehow translated into regular pride. And the term “Korean Pride” no longer accounts for just nationality, but also an inherent egotism(However, this may all be just false assumption, due to the Korean people that surround me). With the many faults that egotism brings, there is one fatal fault that I have seen shine brighter than all others, and that is the unwillingness to ask or accept help.

Now, I’m not going to make this a rant about my countrymen, so I shall stop referring to them from now on.

There is a mistake in common thinking, that accepting help is sign of weakness, and that everything should be done on your own power. Now this is great and all, but it is also a delusion. Why is accepting help a sign of weakness?

"I can do it on my own!"

I’m sure you could, but what if by accepting help you shorten the path by a couple of steps? If I didn’t accept the help of others, I could of still have been homeless, no job, and with no education. There is no shame in asking and receiving help, especially if you need it.

There are people that will not accept help even when they are on the brink of a total meltdown. There pride will not let them “lower” themselves into receiving it. But are you really lowering yourself? And if you are, is that such a bad thing to do? Is it wrong to be in the debt of others? Why not humble yourself a little bit? If you are reluctant to accept help from someone because of some false misconception of your own self, then humility is something you desperately need.

But do you even have to lower yourself in the first place? NO! It’s just help. When you played soccer or some other sport as a kid, and when you fell, what happened? A teammate helped you back up. Why not treat this as the same thing? How about when you guys were trying to score a goal or a touchdown, and in order to do so, you had to pass the ball to each other. Helping each other achieve a common goal. Why not treat this as the same thing?

Depend on your own shoulders, and you will only look at the sky. Depend on each other, and you shall surely touch it.


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