Why Make Up is Evil, and the worst thing to have ever happened to Humanity

Make-up. Foundation. Eye liner. Lipstick. And everything else that people use to mask away their imperfections.

As they should.

It is just professional. You want to present your best self, and make up is the way to do just that.


Fuck That.

Make-up and its usage has become some ingrained into society, so universally accepted, and even upheld, and people do not seem to realize that it is the cause for almost all psychological damage for the average female.

When I was in school, and transitioning throughout the grades of my middle school, more and more girls started to wear make up, and they became more confident, more popular, and more womanly. And I thought nothing of it, I thought it was great. The usage of make-up is seen as a sort of right of passage, or sign of maturity, for women.

And then as I matured, and continued to observe, I heard phrases like, “I need to put on my face.”, “I can’t go out looking like this.”, and “Wait, let me put on some make-up, I have a disgusting [insert any blemish imaginable]”.


This phrase alone scares me. Make up, and its usage is a vicious cycle, a drug. It entices the user into a sense of false and addicting level of enhanced “beauty”. And since most females use make-up everyday, they continually remind themselves of what can be, and how they can fix whatever issues they are facing that day, and just like that, they look “better”, and they get their hit for the day.

They get their hit, until they become dependent, and they need it to feel remotely presentable, and remotely confident. By constantly judging their features, and strategizing how to maximize their beauty in every single way, they engineer/program their brains to seek out the putrid, the ugly, and the un-presentable. And as they keep putting on more and more make-up, the more and more imperfections and blemishes they find.

This is the natural cycle. You put on make up for the first time. You feel pretty, but you find some ways to make it better. You put on make up again. You feel prettier, you get a little better at finding blemishes.

  1. You put on make up.
  2. Find blemishes to get better at putting on make up.
  3. Repeat.

One does this enough until they disassociate their real faces, the ones they were born with, and they associate their made-up faces as their real ones.



Looking like what? Like you’re suppose to? The biggest sin, the biggest crime, the biggest evil that make-up is at fault for, is how it disables women. Women become unable to truly accept themselves, and see themselves as naturally beautiful. It is the saddest thing I have ever seen.

And this is when most will say, “It’s not our fault we use make up. If we didn’t, some other bimbo would get the job.” or “It’s a man’s world. We didn’t choose to wear it. We need to look pretty if we want to get hired.”.

You’re probably right. You could rightfully blame us, use us as a scapegoat, but let me ask you something: Has blaming someone, using a scapegoat, EVER solved the issue? As far as I know, women still hurt themselves everyday.

Women need to take responsibility, and take action. The only way things are ever going to change is if you take leadership, responsibility, and accept yourselves for who you truly are, and understand that you are indeed beautiful without make-up. I have not met a single woman that needs make-up. And here is the crazy part, you may think that men will only find you pretty if you wear make-up, but most of us just do not care. And some of us(myself included), rather prefer you without it.

I hate make-up plain and simple. My view will be biased, and many of you will hate me for this view, and I do not see it as a weakness on my account, but for yours, and I feel so sad for you if you do.

Rarely do I ever feel so strongly for something that I can say that I hate it.

Make Up needs to go. Either in our life time, or at least in out children’s. Now I know that this is never going to happen. People have been using make up since the beginning of time, and so the only real valid option is that I try to change this one person at a time, and try to teach my future children, and the children around me, the art of moderation, and the harmful effects make-up can bring.


If you have an opposing view, please inform me, I really need to see the opposing view.



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2 thoughts on “Why Make Up is Evil, and the worst thing to have ever happened to Humanity

  1. Absolutely! I am a girl too. However, I have never powdered my face to be creepy thing. How they think it would be much prettier than being natural. They just made more confidence in wrong way….

    Liked by 1 person

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