Accepting People for Who they are


When it comes to relationships, there is nothing more essential to having a successful and fulfilling one, then accepting one another fully. Both partners need to be able to put aside their selfish expectations, and both need to stop projecting what they want, and they need to place each other before one another.

The main mistake most people make in a relationship is having a perfect girlfriend/boyfriend to strive after. I made this mistake, and most likely you have too. And the mistake is simple, perfection is impossible. We are human, and we all make mistakes. By striving for an ideal that is inherently impossible to attain, the partner sets him/herself up for disappointment, and usually the partner takes out his/her disappointment out on the other partner.


You are not perfect, and so, you do not get to expect perfection from someone else. It is selfish and unfair. Embrace your partner’s imperfections. Know what they are, and how they are triggered, and if they are too much to embrace, then let them go peacefully. But if only 10% of them bothers you, and you can enjoy the other 90%, then accept them for who they are, in both the good and the bad.


And if you still need a reminder, you’re not that great either. You might often have some moral ground in arguments, and you might even be a constant winner, that doesn’t mean you’re a better person, that just means you are a better debater. You might seem the better person, but this is because the relationship has been focusing on a single partner’s faults. There will come a time when the light will shed upon you, and then you will be the partner that feels like a waste or lesser. And by the way, this is how your partner feels, so comfort them and tell them it’s not true, because it isn’t. You guys are equals.


We are all equals. We all deserve one another, because we all carry baggage. We deserve to be accepted for who we are, and any change that your partner decides to make, should be considered a blessing.


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