How Women Communicate: A Man’s Insight

Since the past couple of days, I had the unique experience of being in a group that consisted of only females(apart from me of course). And I witnessed, firsthand, how women communicate. Sadly, I wasn’t able to observe all the idiosyncrasies that female conversation held, but it was very interesting and enlightening. Now ladies, please edify me. Nothing I say here is meant to be final, and I want to know if I am wrong, so when you see something odd or off, please tell me, or comment down below. Now people, if this post was hilarious, please share~ Now enjoy~

The basis of all female conversation came from self-consciousness. And none of these women were self-conscious. They were all very smart and proud of their stature in life, and had a general amount of pride in their being. They were proud of their ideas and their contributions, however, strangely enough, they found it impossible to communicate an idea directly. Everything that they said was communicated under their breathes as suggestions or friendly reminders. All my group members communicated in a passive aggressive manner, and they all suggested things to avoid conflict, and seek resolutions with the least amount of headbutting.

It seems that they were all deathly afraid of being blunt. None of my group members would speak their mind without referencing how the other person might feel, or concocting a sentence that is so conflict dodging that it defeats the purpose of the sentence, and it becomes so general that it becomes utterly useless.

And I must admit, I conformed as well. I wanted to learn how women communicated, and so I decided to try to speak and communicate like my other group members. And I must say, it was so difficult, I mean kind of. . . what do you think?

My group members were so afraid to hurt each other’s feelings that it was hard to get any productive work done, and so this stalled things for a long time. But somehow, in the end, they all agreed on several ideas, and we were able to finish the group project, and polish the work into a beautiful piece of art.

And of course, like all things, “female communication”, had its pros and cons.

Things were said nicely and thoughtfully
Everyone was very supportive
Everyone was very positive
And the environment was over all very friendly and pleasant to be in.

people tend to be two faced, and hide who they were, and what they actually felt(and people were expected to pick up on disappointment or discontent without the use of words(which further explains how women are so good at picking up different vibes))
People become deceptive and so the environment thus seemed superficial.
Since no one says what they think, and wait to make it more politically correct, or less offensive, things become too general, and this stalls progress immensely.


Now tell me what you guys think, this was a great insightful experience for me, and I would love to hear what you guys have to say. Thanks for reading, and remember to share!





7 thoughts on “How Women Communicate: A Man’s Insight

    1. I don’t think everyone is two faced. I find there are people that are completely honest, almost to a fault.
      And people shouldn’t be afraid of conflict. If people are understanding and use the conflict to improve quality, people can collaborate and overcome great obstacles

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      1. It’s great if you think that way. I have a different opinion than yours. People are not afraid of conflicts but of their consequences, which in most cases is not good. And the reason behind that is, most of the majority of people get offended easily.


  1. As for not speaking their minds, I just proved you wrong! There is a difference between not speaking their mind and being polite. It’s a good thing if you feel that way to have work done peacefully without having a conflict because that would definitely won’t do any good. But at the end, everyone has their own opinions and you had too and I respect that.
    Wish you good luck!


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