Love of Winter

There is a certain excitement that comes from the winter that makes me love it more than the summer. I do not know quite what it is. Maybe it’s the fact that Christmas is so near, and the memory of presents are reignited, or the excitement of hanging out with friends and having a gay ol’ time. But the important matter is, winter is coming. And the dry cold breeze just makes me excited; I love it. It reminds me of when friends were plentiful, and people were less judgmental or superficial. It reminds me of a time when we had less of an idea of who we were, little to none really, and so in our uniform ignorance, we found  camaraderie. And it seems in the winter, we lose our superficial shells, and we become better. We become more loving, maybe it is the spirit of giving, but we become loving.


Isn’t it ironic how it is only during the coldest time of the year, when we are the warmest towards each other? It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And of course I am at fault for the same thing. I too, become as nice as I should be throughout the year, and I treat people with more humanity, and I also follow suit with the warmth. It is infectious, sad, I know, but it seems that this is who we are.


Or is it? Is it in our nature to be extremely nice one time throughout the year? Why can’t we spread the cheer throughout the year? How has goodness become so ingrained into one season? I’m sure there is some thesis written by a historian that goes in depth about the different attributes attributed to the different seasons, and how they all somehow align throughout cultures, but is there a way to change that? Here comes the cheesy part. It all starts with you.


"Be the change you wish to see in the world."- Gandhi 


We don’t have to go cold turkey, we can make baby steps. So how about we try stretching the kindness out for an extra two months? (As you can see, there is not much real advice here. I just enjoy and want winter to stay)


Your dreams are achieved by being the person you need to be. So do just that.




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