Maintaining Motivation

We all have gone through that moment of clarity, where we knew what we needed to do, and how we were going to do it, and shortly after came a surge of motivation to be better. And then, after a couple of hours, that surge disappears. Or, if you’re lucky, that motivation lasts you till the next day. And then after a while, you even lose your clarity. What happens? How can we protect ourselves from losing our clarity and motivation? How do we maintain motivation and our unique perspective?


In order to answer this question, we have to understand how we get there in the first place. Clarity usually comes after an emotional outburst, whether it be after a fight, someone’s death, or maybe a depression. We just have to be shaken to our core, and forced to see the world differently, and then we go into the state called clarity.

But wait, there’s more

So if we want to maintain a level of clarity, we simply have to copy the perspective. We have to take ourselves out of our usual walks of life, and shake ourselves. Now we cannot afford to kill someone, depress ourselves, or fight someone every time we desire some clarity. So allow me to give you another example of when we achieve clarity. Remember a time where you gave a friend advice. Your friend laid out their problems in front of you, and everything became clear. You gave sage advice, and the quality of your friend’s life most likely increased. So why did you get clarity this time? You were physically taken outside the center of your life, and you forced yourself to become an outsider, by becoming a supporting character in someone else’s life. So what’s the next way to achieve mental clarity?

Become a  supporting character in your own life.


Clarity provides a more open field. Instead of it being cluttered with messy thoughts or useless beliefs, clarity gives a beautiful green field, and a sunset to follow.


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