I’m pissed off, and I need to help myself, so bare with me.

Now there have been a lot of small “tough” things that have happened today. And this is not a post for you, my reader, instead this post is for me, and I just want to remind myself how stupid it is that I am allowing myself to feel this way over the smallest things.

My Complaints

  1. My camera was said to be delivered, but it has yet to be found(after a culminated 1 hour of back in forth with amazon locker employees.)
  2. Lost my wallet, but later retrieved it.
  3. I can’t go back home at the time I would like to, because I have to meet up with a group(the same group in which I have been meeting with everyday this week, and will continue to meet until Thursday).
  4. I have many essays and projects due.


My Blessings

  1. I am getting a world class education.
  2. I have a roof over my head.
  3. I have food(delicious food I might add).
  4. The group practices will only make my presentation better.
  5. I am looking forward to the essays.
  6. I got my wallet back with everything still in there.
  7. I can easily get my money back. I have proof that the camera did not arrive(besides the absence of an actual camera).
  8. The increase in variability will only help me become more disciplined, more appreciative of discipline, and allow me to think better on my feet.


Now this has been pretty helpful, and I feel a lot better now. If you guys want to know how to do this gratitude practice for yourself, here are the guidelines.

  1. Complaints first. You want to start with the negatives, and end with positives.
  2. Double the amount of positives compared to the negatives.

Pretty simple right?

enjoy and be grateful~


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