Being Vulnerable to be Happy

One of the most important things in relationship is communication. Now we all know this, this is not anything new, and quite frankly, we are all tired of hearing this over and over. Well to be honest, this is something that I have had to learn the hard way, even though I went into the relationship knowing this.


I have been trying to develop my communication skills for the longest time, however, the type of communication I prepared for was much more different, than the type of communication that comes with a relationship.


The communication that takes place within a relationship is much more intimate, and much more personal. Not only do you have to talk about your feelings, but you also have to understand each other’s feelings(who knew right?).


However, even though I just said that these types of communication are different, they are actually entirely the same. the difference is not in how we communicate, but what we communicate.


Effective communication comes from vulnerability. Now this is where most people struggle and fail, because it is hard to be vulnerable. And I get it. I understand that it is hard to open up, because most likely, just like everyone else on the planet, you have scars. You have been hurt, and you are afraid to get hurt again. but guess what?


Scars are wombs for growth. As much as those scars are memoirs of a time that was worse, they are also medals of battle and signs of potential growth. And if you want to be fulfilled through relationships, you have to strip your battle armor, and allow yourself to be vulnerable, that is the only way.


The reason why we have boring office banter, or “networking” conversations is because people are innately afraid to show people who they really are, and they become so self-focused that they choose to communicate to get something out of other people. People try to manipulate other people in order to gain something, a better station in life, whatever. And all that just leads to an unhealthy imbalance of social psychology, and immorality.


Open up. show people everything. And know that the only people that can hurt you, or the people you give permission to.


The most beautiful moments in our life come when we are rewarded for our vulnerability. When we become vulnerable, not only do we become sensitive to attack, but we also become sensitive to blessings. Good things become great things, and nice things become blessings. We become sensitive to the small joyous things in life, like a nice sip of hot tea, or a beautiful view of a tree or a building during nice walk. Vulnerability simply magnifies life, and so happiness turns into euphoria.


Learn to deal with the bad, so that you can deal with the good, and open up. And then, you can have  a fulfilling friendship, relationship, and everything in between.




2 thoughts on “Being Vulnerable to be Happy

  1. Ive never thought vulnerable could be a great thing!
    Also, I agree that It is hard to show people everything. Nowadays, I even avoid to meet new people sometimes, and young generations here in Korea do like me.
    There’s a new word “관태기”which is mixed 관계+권태기 which is im going through!


  2. Ive never thought being vulnerable could be a great thing! You really think positively 🙂
    Also, it is hard for me to meet new people nowadays. I even avoid to meet new people, and I guess Its because I overlooked what I can get from people.
    And its getting 귀찮아지고, just wanna focus on myself. Its typically happening here in Korea, called “관태기” which means 관계+권태기. Young generations act like me… Im thinking about how to solve this 관태기 haha


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