When things do not go as you expect

So I have just collaborated with a youtuber friend of mine, and the growth that I expected from the video was not as much as I intended. And so, as one might expect, I was kind of disappointed by the fact that my channel did not grow as much, due to all the work I put in, and all the time and effort I invested into the collaboration.


However there is one thing that I am forgetting. I still grew outside of my channel. I got better at editing videos(I’m not really good right now, but I got better), I also got some great new content, and I also stuck to my other habits that conduce growth as well. Although I did not get the growth that I expected from the collaboration, I still grew. And it was wrong for me to put such high expectations on things that are besides myself.


So the biggest tip here is, do not allow your sense of mental stability, your mental well-being, be held together by a single aspect of your life. Don’t bet everything you have on a single outcome. Just like you should diversify your investments, you should also diversify your mental stability. Do not define your level of happiness/success by a single aspect of your life.


Nothing is forever.


So what are the take aways?

  1. Diversify your hope.
    Understand that you are not perfect, and that failure is sometimes inevitable.
  2. No matter what happens, there is an opportunity to grow.
    Every situation, whether they be good or bad, of growth or shrinkage, everything can be pivoted in a way, so that you can grow. Maybe you lost your job, good, now you can start looking for your dream job, or spend more time with your family, and focus on what is really important.

So how does this apply to my life?

Well I am not only a youtuber. I am also a student, a soon-to-be polyglot, a chef, and much more. So if one of my endeavors are not working out as I intended, I will not be hurt, because I am not defined by a single thing.


The comfort comes from the successes that surround the failures. Imagine the difference between failing at a single task and no other, and failing at a single task, but succeeding in some others. It lightens the load little bit, doesn’t it? If you have other task’s success that you can bank on, then the failure will not hit you as hard, if at all. This is the power of diversification.


Diversify. Diversify. Diversify.




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