The Importance of those Little Slips

I have found life to be very cyclical. I grow, I shrink, I grow, I shrink. And that is a unstoppable part of life, all I can hope for is that I am able to maximize the growth and minimize the shrinkage. And the growth is not always exponential, neither is the shrinkage. Sometimes the growth is incremental, and sometimes the shrinkage is just a slip-up here and there. But one of the most important, and most forgotten rules of life is to not allow yourself to make those tiny slip-ups.


We all know what I am talking about. Whenever you have started growing, and your life starts becoming much more productive, disciplined, and joyful, you start to get comfortable. And it feels good at first, but the problem arises when you get too comfortable. There is a comfort-threshold in the cycle of creativity and productivity, that once we pass, we start to slip.


We get a little too comfortable with our routine, and too secure in our habits, that we allow a Trojan horse to enter our walls of comfort. We allow ourselves to slip.


We start waking up earlier. We start to loosen up our grip on our diets and workouts. We get a little softer on ourselves, and all these things start to pile up, and crack away at what progress you made. And sometimes, you get so comfortable, that you just give up all the progress, and go back to your old, unproductive self. I have fallen to this routine too many times.


So how can we stop this from happening?

Don’t slip. Don’t allow yourself those small defeats, because it may end up causing you to lose the war. Make sure that you perform to the best of your ability everyday. Expect 100% constantly. Because once you find yourself allowing 99%, what’s going to stop you from going down to 98%? 95? 90? 80? Sooner or later, you will be so far down from 100, that you your life will crumble because of how much you have deliberately allowed to slip away from you.


But I get tired? What about vacation? I want to live too~


You’re absolutely right. But allow yourself to rest when you have scheduled yourself to rest. We slip because we choose to rest in unplanned, unscheduled times. And then, those unscheduled times of non-productivity, they start to spring up much more frequently, and you end up getting weaker and weaker, because you did not have time to prepare or defend.


However, a planned vacation is different because the mentality, the preparation is different. You look forward to your vacations with the understanding that you will let go of life, only to come back with a rejuvenated grip. Rest is essential, but make sure that you are prepared to come back after you rest.


Rest is good only when it can be fully enjoyed, AND when it is scheduled. So give yourself some time to rest after you have gotten everything you need to do done. Make it a habit. Not only will your rest become more meaningful, but it will also allow you to be more focused on the work you have to do.


Cheers, and good luck~



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