My Morning Routine, daily habits, the little tidbits that keep me sane and healthy.

If you look at most professionals with attributes most people would deem successful, they all have something in common, and that is-routines. They all have certain rituals that they stick to religiously in order to help them be more productive, creative, and in-control.

A little about me

I have been obsessed(strong word) over other people’s morning routines, whether they are successful or not, and I have been trying to tweak mine to optimize my productivity for months. And many people have asked me in conversation what my routines/rituals were, and that question got asked enough, so that I decided to write a blog post on it.


So here it is, my morning routine. Enjoy~

5:30-7am: Wake up, boil water, bathroom, make a cup of tea, write, and study.


7-7:30-45am: Call my significant other while making some finishing touches on the post, and writing some email.


7:45-8:30am: Do some school work, get ready to go to the gym, leave.


And I stick to this routine religiously, it is very rare for me to not follow this schedule. And sometimes, while I am walking to my gym, I shoot a video for my channel. You have the highest level of brain power and self control in the first 3 hours of your day. I try to orientate my mornings, so I can make the best of them. You should too~


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