Taking a Step Back to Notice the Beautiful

If you are like me, then it is too easy to get lost in our own worlds. We are so focused on growth, and getting better, that we miss a lot of the beauty that is innate to this world. You will often find me speed walking past roads in order to get to my destination. I am so goal-oriented that I forget a huge portion of my identity. The portion that loves to take it slow and just…breathe…ahh~


I remember a time when I use to go hiking every week, and I would go to different waterfalls, and just allow myself to breathe, and just be.


I allowed myself to step back yesterday at an event called “Journey to the end of the Night“(basically a city wide hide-and-seek game). I was at a checkpoint(there are a total of 5 scattered throughout the city), and it was placed on top of a hill that had a tremendous view of the city. All the houses and buildings were lit by the citrus evening light and I gazed into the city on a bench within the park. It felt great.


And being able to take a step back, and allow life to fill me up, was such a liberating and fulfilling event. However, I also realized how long it has been since I took a step back.


One of the biggest things that we forget about is our  humanity. We are hard wired to appreciate nature and beauty. But often times, we see ourselves more as robots instead of humans. We repeat to ourselves, “WORK, EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT”.


Now, this isn’t to say that work isn’t fulfilling, but instead that, our personalities often deny us a huge portion of life. So don’t forget to enjoy the small gifts that life has spread out for you throughout your day. Give yourself its gift, and life will become more than work, it will be powerful.




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