How my Blog Shall Proceed from Now on

So I have been writing this blog for the past couple of months now, and I have ranged in the number of posts that I release weekly. At the beginning, it was once or twice a week, and as I progressed, the number of weekly posts increased to the point where I started posting daily, and sometimes even more than that. And I am glad that I did, I maintained the quality of content, while increasing the output at the same time.


However, now is the time for change. For the past couple weeks, a thought came into my head.


"They could be better~"


The dedication of being a daily blogger went from being a passion to a job, and I believe my work suffered because of it. And since I would always choose quality over quantity, especially when it comes to learning, I have decided on the following mandate.


Starting from today, I will release a post every other day.

I will still write everyday, but instead of churning out a piece every day, I will spend the extra day that I gained, going back to what I wrote before, and editing and polishing the piece into something of more value.


I want to deliver a higher quality of content for you guys, and I hope you guys will understand.





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