Expecting the bad things to come

So, I am the lower ends of my growth now on my youtube channel. A about a week ago, my growth was exponentially larger than what it is today, but I have to remind myself of a time when I was not experiencing any growth at all. There was a time where I would only get one subscriber at most a week. Man, did I forget about that. But since I did not have any other better times of growth, besides the initial beginning, I had nothing to compare my minimal growth to.


It’s funny how once I taste the better side of growth, and go back to growing a little, I am ungrateful, and get discouraged. I am still growing way faster than one subscriber a week, but since I got use to getting over 50-100 subscribers a day, the growth rate I have now is making me a bit bitter. Why is it that we get use to when it is good so quickly, and when it is worse so slowly?


I have to remind myself the cycle of growth.

  1. Hard work and innovation.
  2. Massive Growth
  3. Plateau
  4. Repeat


Right now, I am just plateauing. I just need to work hard and innovate once again, and I will once again see massive growth.

I am glad to say that my decrease in growth was not a surprise to me, and I saw it coming from a mile away, and so thankfully, it did not hit me as hard. But still, I should take time to be grateful and realize that my time to grow will come again, and it will be way bigger and better.



Crap, Now I”m excited. Are you?





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