In Effort to be Seen: The Artist’s Dilemma

In some way or another, every post I make, every video I upload, behind everything I do, it is all at least partially motivated to be seen. I want to provide value for people, and so whenever I share something, that intent is behind it. Now it’s all fine and dandy for someone to want to be seen, but if one creates solely for that purpose, then their art, their work loses originality, it loses soul.


This is because the work loses its creator. The artist must create art for the sake of art, and then the artist can wish to spread his work. But if the artist creates art for the sake of spreading it, the art will not be worth spreading in the first place.


And then there is the writer or the artist that is stuck, and does not know what to create. They do not know what to write or draw, and they hit a creative wall that seems insurmountable. So what happens to the artist? Do they give up? Do they put down their paint brush, and look for another profession?


No. The true artist will allow themselves to feel un-creative, and they will still create art. They will flush the bad art out of their system until what remains is their original creativity. And then, the artist will go back to creating good art.


Art will market itself. If it is good enough, people will follow and talk, and you will have your audience. Focus on the art first, everything else will follow afterwords.

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