How I lost myself in my Subscriber Count~

So if you guys have been following my youtube channel, then you will know that I have recently gained an exponential boost in subscribers. In one week, I went from having less than 40 subscribers, all the way to having over 200. Now 200 is nothing compared to the big youtubers today, but to a small timer like me, it is the difference between night and day.


All of a sudden, I was interacting with people all across the globe (S. Korea, Morocco, Brazil, Canada, France, etc). And for the first time in my life, I had people that enjoyed my work, complimented my work, for the first time, I had fans. It seems like I gained overnight fame, and the investment of time and energy I put into this channel was finally yielding some returns.


It felt amazing to interact with people, and it felt great seeing my subscriber count increase every day. However, it became a drug, and I, a druggie. After a couple of days of euphoria, I started living for the numbers. I would check my phone whenever I could, just to see if my subscriber count has grown. And I would feel relief, instead of euphoria, whenever it did. And so, it took a long time to realize that I lost view of what is important.


Enjoy the Channel, and build the right community, not a big one.

The increase in subscribers did not necessarily mean the increase in valuable fans. And ultimately, that is what I was after. I would rather have 1000 true fans, than 1,000,000 mediocre ones. So that is what I need to remind myself, the numbers are not important, so don’t focus on them. Just have fun, grow, and create great art. Improve the lives of the people around the world, that is what makes you successful. Not a number on a screen, but what happens to the numbers behind the screen.


A friendly reminder to keep it simple~


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