Korean Rage: Rewiring Pride for Anger Management

Now if you did not know, Koreans are quite well known for their anger issues. It is often called, “Korean Rage”, and sadly I am subject to its bursts. Much of it has to do with the pride that is innate to our culture. We believe ourselves to be a great nation, one that is deserving of respect, and ultimately, a great people, one that is deserving of respect. Now, why is this a problem? Isn’t nationality a good thing? Well. . .kinda~


(a typical happy Korean Male~)


When you have pride innate in a culture, there are some issues that arise. The first thing is that the pride is not based on one’s own accomplishments, and so the pride becomes a separated and almost meaningless pride. And so, it becomes easier for the pride to be attacked and challenged, as is often the case.


And the reason why we get mad over the small things, is because we lose sense of who we are, and we trick ourselves into believing that we deserve more than we actually do. And so, when someone doesn’t treat you with enough respect, or when something does not go as planned, Koreans(and me), tend to get a little tempered. very tempered. Pissed off.



We have a culture of trying to turn every one of our national situations into some sort of victory and proof that enables more pride as a Korean. We take pride in getting to the semi-finals of the world cup(once). We take pride in having so much attention over our beautiful men and women, without realizing that those beautiful men and women tarnished themselves by “fixing” themselves with plastic surgery, which in turn, has created a generation of self-conscious and superficial children, teenagers, and adults. (I should write a post about that, haha). We take pride over the trivial, and so our pride becomes meaningless.


And if an individual attaches themselves onto something so meaningless, we often feel as though every instance of uncertainty and misfortune, is a direct attack to ourselves, and we retaliate with what is called, “Korean Rage”.


Now, onto the actual Anger management help~

Here are a few things that I discovered, which I use on the daily to cope with my anger.


  1. Ask yourself, “Will feeling pissed off help my situation get better?”. 
    By asking this question, you step outside of your emotions, and the outside perspective you gain makes it instantly easier to make better decisions. Try it~
  2. Meditate. Breathe.
    Meditation has one purpose, and one purpose only, it is to become more mindful. Anger tends to make one’s perspective very narrow and focused. Meditation widens the individuals perspective. Count your breaths. Go to 30, and then make a decision. Is the wall still asking to be punched?
  3. Just laugh. Make a joke
    The reason we got pissed off is because we were taking ourselves to seriously. If you make light of the situation and laugh, anger becomes impossible. It is impossible to feel happily pissed off, only happy or pissed off, and I don’t know about you, but happy is the sure choice for me.


If you made it this far, then I want to thank you for sticking around. I hope this helped in putting yourself into perspective. Stop taking yourself so seriously, and just breath.





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