Kill the enemy when they’re a baby: Problem Solving

So I have found myself getting more and more tired, and I do not know if this is because if I have not been eating enough or not eating enough healthy food. But the point is, I do not feel as good as I use to when I wake up. I feel much more groggy, and I find myself wanting to stay in bed and rest. Luckily, I haven’t done so yet, but I would be a fool to ignore that I am having these thoughts. And so, here is the simple tip of the day.


Kill the enemy when he’s a baby.

I realize how might that sound, but hear me out. Many of us do not deal with our problems until we are literally forced to. We just allow the minor discomfort that they bring, and we manage. We allow them to fester and grow, practically giving them the time and nutrients required to grow up to become a successful problem. And then we have to devise all the time that we have from a few days to even a couple weeks in order to solve the issue. But what if you had killed the problem when it was a baby? When it first showed its cute little problematic eyes?


This is what I am going to advise you to do, once any issue arises, deal with it, and make sure it never comes back again. This will a require a bit more effort, but in the long run, this investment of your time will save 10x the time, stress, and general mental stability. You will thank yourself in the long run.


Now for me, I have thought of trying a couple of things to fix my “groggy” issue.

  • Eat later, consuming calories closer to the time that you sleep will allow for a higher quality of sleep.
  • Eat less junk food, allows for the mind to clear more easily.
  • Sleep earlier, but still wake up at the same time to allow for more sleep.

(Notice how I am going to try multiple things. Sometimes it takes more than one swing, you may have to take a couple in order to get rid of the problem)


Now you can apply this mindset to all problems. Don’t allow things to blow out of proportion. Life is hard enough, let’s make it a little more simple.





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