The Art of stARTing

The Trick

Well if you had enough balls to get past the weird title, and you have begun to actually read the article, I must commend you. And sadly I might disappoint you. Why? Because there is no art to starting, instead there is just starting.


People stress over the start too much. They need the perfect amount of this, the perfect amount of that, and before they know it, they had enough of everything for weeks. There is a misconception around the execution of a task. People delude themselves that the importance lies in the way the task is executed, instead of the execution itself. What matters is not where and how we start, but where we end up.


We forget that we start because we wish to go somewhere. And if we forgot that, how likely is it that we have deluded ourselves in some other major way? How many of us still have a smoking habit, unhealthy diet, or some other ritual that is detrimental to ourselves, but do not do anything out of the fear of the immediate discomfort halting would bring?


But I digress. . . Instead of thinking about how we start, we should think about what we are going to do after we start. Do not make the start a behemoth that you have to be meticulous with or else you could suffer its wrath, no, the start is just a door to another journey. And the sooner you open it, the faster you will learn and have fun.


Don’t bring a glove to open the door of life if it means that you will wait until the sun sets. Spring it open and have an adventure!


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