A letter to the Doubtful Passionates

this was taken from a conversation I had with a good friend of mine, please check out her blog as well here~ I am not very much interested in the fashion, but her personal blog posts are some of the most powerful and wonderfully enlightening posts I have ever read.
The conversation was about progress and purpose.

So on the topic of progress. When people make goals, the biggest they make with their goals is that they are often too vague. They are too broad in what they want to accomplish, and since there is no effective way to measure their progress, they often give up.
So the best way to keep progressing, is by having effective goals. And in order to find out if you have effective goals or not, here are some basic questions that I ask myself, that can help you as well.
1. What does progress look like in one day? 2 days? a week? a month? etc…
2. What and where do i need to be in order to accomplish my goal?(for example, when people want to learn a language, their goals are usually something like, “I am going to learn spanish!”. Great. But what does learning spanish mean? When will you have actually learned spanish? Do you have to be able to converse? Read? Write? or a combination of all three? A better goal would be “I am going to be able to have a 5 minute conversation with my family about politics or some other subject” or “I will be able to communicate what I want at a restaurant in the chosen language.”)
These types of goals give a specific outline of what you are going after, and if you know where you are heading, then you know if you are progressing, or if you are getting further away from the target. So maybe, you feel like you have stopped progressing because your goals are too vague.
But there is also the possibility that you may feel like you are at a plateau, and your growth has decreased or maybe even halted. My tip for this would be doing something called a 80/20 analysis. You look at your life and find the 20% of what you do that gives you 80% of all your happiness as well as your pain. Cut out the pain, and exploit the happiness.
The same goes for growth. Whenever you try to grow, you are bound to find things that work and don’t work, and try new things that you think might help. But often, we forget to take out the habits that do not produce for us. Even if it produces a little growth, if we instead invested our time into the things that gave us 80% of our growth, than we would be much more productive. (personal example would be my collaboration with other youtubers)

and now onto the subject of finding the right path. This is the question that everyone has an answer to, and nobody really knows. All I can say is, “try everything”. Try everything until you find the thing that fulfills you the most, and then do that everyday for the rest of your life. What I have found so far is that I love learning. And so that is what I have been doing everyday, and my life has never felt more fulfilled.

A Letter to the Doubtful Passionates

Now to those of you who are pursuing a dream or a passion, but feel like you might have made a mistake.
If what you have chosen to do is really what you love, and wish to do for the rest of your life, then is the heartache, the darkness before the storm, the hardship before the success, is it not all worth it? If you are not willing to sacrifice your livelihood, your comfort, your money, your everything for a craft that you supposedly love and live for, then you should give up. But if you are different. If you can find salvation within your craft. Go. Blaze your trail. Do not look back, because by the time you come back to looking forward, you may have missed your chance.
Keep practicing until you are undervalued. So undervalued that success is your only option.  Push forward. GO.

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