She’s There

So as promised, today’s post is a short story. It felt great to write something like this for you guys. I have been meaning to write one for so long. If you want more posts like this, please tell me in the comment section below, and of course, share it! Enjoy~



She’s There

-by Sam Choi

I missed her.

Today, I dreamt about her again. This time we were just ordering some food at a diner, I guess I was hungry and lonely. The weird thing was that we weren’t sitting right next to each other. If it were real life, she would have her side touching mine, and my arm would have been right around her shoulder. Instead, there was a distance. As if there were no sanctions for me to be with her, even in my dreams.


I woke up early that morning. Although I always woke up early, I woke up especially early that morning. By 5:30 am, I was up and about, and had made my first cup of tea. The sun hadn’t come up yet, and it was pretty cold, so the tea hit the right spot.


It’s strange how the only times I miss her is when I am in the dark. Like when I am in bed, and have my blindfolds on. Or when I walk in the park at night, and I look at my side and see that she is not there. Or when my phone screen goes black, because she has not responded yet. Or when I close my eyes. . .when I blink.


I walk around, and everywhere I go, I see her right in front of me. She is always there. If I see a couple, I blink, and in that moment, she is there. If I see a restaurant that looks remotely appetizing, when I blink, she is there. If I see anything that looks like a good place for a date, there are so many where I live, I blink, and she’s there.


However, ever time she appears, there’s a distance. She’s always out of arms reach. She is never there for me to grab. She’s always alone and far away. She hides within my memories and the darkness that envelopes my eyes. I’m always either too late or too far. And I’m always met with the same phrase, “I’m sorry baby”.


I wonder if she misses me too.


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