What my Blog will be like from now on: A Formal Declaration

Recently, there has been a single reoccurring thought in my head. Now if you guys have been following my posts, then you know I have been releasing a post everyday. And I have been writing a blog post every day long before that as well. And I think that is great, I am getting a lot done everyday, and I get to write everyday. I understand the huge opportunity I am given with this platform, but like all things with a pros, there are also cons. And the cons have been replaying in my mind.


I am not creating something of great value. 


Since I only focus on a single post everyday, and I do not focus on creating one great post, I am stuck with work that is mediocre, or “just good”. I love to write. I have been writing since I was a child, and it was always great fun to write, and I always romanticized the art of writing itself.


And since then, I have done alright for a writer. I submitted a short story and a poem into a magazine, and both of my works were voted as number one in both their categories.


Now that I have dedicated myself to writing a single blog post everyday, I am fulfilling my hunger to write everyday, but I am not fulfilling the satisfaction of having pride in my work. There are certain posts that I am very proud of, but others, not so much.


And all of the stuff I have been writing has been nonfiction, and purely prose. I love writing stories and poetry. And there are certain moods I have to get in to produce good stories or poetry, but I think I will start trying to write short stories and poetry. This is just something I need as a writer.


I limited myself into thinking that since my youtube channel was about self-improvement, that all my posts would have to be the same. But now I am starting to slowly understand that I am not selling self-improvement, I am selling myself. I am selling the brand that is Sam Choi.


And so, I have decided that I am going to write whatever I want to write about. So the next post I will work on will be a short story. I do not know what it is going to be about, since I haven’t started yet, but stay tuned for that.


This blog will be dedicated to the things that I find interesting. Whatever I am currently dealing with, and whatever I want to write about, I shall write about.

"A personal blog shouldn't be an obligation. It should be a passion."


Sweet Freedom~






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