3 Simple tips to be more Creative

One of the most important things to my level of productivity, is my loyalty to my morning routine. I practically get everything done in the morning, and if I do not stick to it religiously, then my level of productivity suffers because of it.


We all need some sort of routine to get work done. And we cannot afford to have those interrupted or disturbed, but life tends to have a way doing just that. Here are a few tips that you can do to minimize those interruptions.


  1. Let all the people that you know, not to contact you between the hours you will be creative or working.
    This is for people that routinely work during the day. I do not have to do this, because most of the people that I know are asleep when I am writing or studying.
  2. Take away anything that could distract you from your work.
    If you can not leave your phone next to you without picking it up every 2 seconds, leave it in your bedroom, and work in the living room. Or if you’re at work, give it to a co-worker, and tell them to give it back to you in a couple of hours.
  3. Meditate.
    I know how wishy-washy this tip sounds. Sadly, meditation gets horrible rep in today’s world. It is seen as a hippie practice, but did you know that some of the most successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, writers, and sport’s champions have some sort of meditative practice, where they are able to ground their minds, and become more mindful?
    An essential part to being creative, is being present. Meditation will help you achieve a mindful state. If you want some help meditating, I would recommend an app called Headspace. They have a free 10 day program that I used on repeat(lol) for almost a year.


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Thanks guys~



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