Letting things take their time

So, I started my youtube channel about two months ago, and I now have about 40 subscribers(I wrote this a couple of weeks before, now that number is about 200, how far we have come!). My channel has been viewed about 8000 times, and I have released a little over 20 videos. Now, I can’t lie, I know how low that subscriber count is, but a part of me is hugely proud as well. If there is anything being a youtuber has taught me, then it would be patience.


We all want success, and we want it now, and if it now now, then tomorrow. We are so use to getting things we want in a single click or swipe, that it has conditioned us to put the same parameters on life.


“Nothing Valuable comes Fast.” -Gary Vaynerchuck


Most of us will not go viral overnight. For the most of us, if what we want is authentic and true, it will take a slow grind of months, and maybe even years, to get what we want. And I am not say this to discourage you, but to encourage. Whenever I see my low subscriber count, I don’t get discouraged. I know that “nothing valuable comes fast”, and the slowness is an indicator of something of value, so you know what happens?


I get excited. I get excited as hell. And whenever I get an additional subscriber, I am that much closer to my value, and so I work harder.


I just started a youtube trend, where I wan to meet Tim Ferriss, here’s the video, and i know I probably won’t meet Tim Ferriss through my first attempt, that’s okay. I’m going to keep make #letsmeettim videos, and I know that down the line, it will get easier and easer for me to meet Tim Ferriss.


I don’t want to have a community of a million subscribers in one day. If they join that quickly, then they will also leave that quickly. I want to earn my community. I want to earn every subscriber through every video getting better and better. I want to be someone that deserves to have 100,000 subscribers, a 1,000,000 subscribers, or maybe even 10,000,000. I want to provide so much value that people say, “Why doesn’t he have more?”.


To me, that is success. Success is when you earn what you want.


So go earn it~



P.S. If you thought this post was shit, and you didn’t like it, please tell me. Please tell me what you didn’t like. I am by no means, a perfect writer, so feel free to critique.


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