2 Ways to be Authentic

Now as I have slowly allowed myself to become more authentic and honest within my videos, I slowly realize, more and more that there are more things that I want to hide. Whether it be things about my past that I would find embarrassing, or just some unproductive parts of my day that would make me look bad.


I realize that in order to be  who I wish, right now that would be a successful youtuber, I can not be some version of me that I think will appeal to people, nor can I try to be someone that I think is successful. I have to be myself.


Now this is a lot more difficult than you would think. Once you start trying to be truly authentic, once you start trying to reveal who you really are, there are some steps you need to overcome.

  1. Revealing the good stuff. The first step is the easiest, because you can just cherry pick what you want people to see, and this is what most people do on facebook, or other types of social media.
  2. Revealing the bad stuff. The second step is multi-faceted, and so, the most difficult. This is the step where you reveal what is after your strengths, your weaknesses. Be who you are 100%.
    This step is multi-faceted because there are so many types of  “bad stuff”. But to put it all under one umbrella, whenever you do something bad, show it.


I am experimenting with vlogging, and obviously, this blog. It has been a great ride so far, and I hope to be able to make a community out of it. So please comment, share, and follow~

until next time, cheers!



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