Making the best with what you got

So it is around 6am, and as soon as I turn on my computer, it has to finish it’s updates. And as soon as it said they were complete, it turned off, I turned it back on, and then it said it needed to update again, and so now I am waiting for another update.  And the screen says that, ” This will take a while”, and so I was left without a computer to write on. This is when my thought experiment comes in.


what can I do? I depend on my computer working in the morning so I can write ab log post, and also so that i can write my essay, as well as what other homework i need to wok on that day. So, I was in a state of mild panic, and once I calmed down, I thought to myself, “don’t focus on what you can’t change, work with what you got.”


and so, now I am writing on my outdated I pad, haha. It is very slow, and cannot type as fast as me, and so I hear a constant lag of typing sounds. Ah well, work is work is work.


Life will never be perfect, and when those obstacles come you have to make due with what you got, it’s  is the only way. Don’t stress out,Mont get pissed off or depressed, instead be calm. Be calm and look for what can be done, instead of stressing on what can’t be changed. It will make life easier, and this crutch that life has given you will only make you a better a person.


Never let life get in the way of you being great.




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