Taking a Step Back to Be grateful

So I did something today that I am quite proud of.

I took a step back to be grateful. I was sitting down, and I was getting a little stressed about my workload. Now before you jump to conclusions, I would like to clarify that I was a little stressed, not stressed, not super stressed, not stupid stressed, a little stressed.


Now that I have gotten that cleared, I was looking at my workload, and I was getting a little stressed. And then, the thought of gratitude entered my mind. I remembered the Tony Robbin’s quote about gratitude; “It’s impossible to be pissed off and grateful at the same time.”


And before I knew it, I was on a mental journey of trying to tell myself that I should only try to be grateful when I am pissed off or depressed. I should only use this exercise when I at an emotional limit. I quickly caught myself, and decided to try the exercise with what negative emotions I was feeling at the moment.  I closed my eyes, and I asked myself, “What is something I can be grateful for right now?”, and I found something.


The fact that I can be a little stressed by a top level university was a blessing in and of itself. And immediately, I started to smile. And just like that, the little stress that I had was gone. It is impossible to feel negatively and grateful at the same time. There is so much we can be grateful for, and sometimes it’s the little things that we forget about that can make all the difference.


So whenever you find yourself tripping over the small things in life, take a step back, and reflect over the things that you can/should be grateful for. 


Thanks guys,



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