Some of the things that I do and need to do for my health

I like to consider myself a healthy person, but like all people, I have my ups and downs, and sometimes, I just want to live a little. But after almost going through a bag of trader joe imitation oreos, which I think are better by the way, otherwise know as joe joes, I knew something had to change.


And so, I tried the slow carb diet. I stopped eating the joe joes, and I felt healthy because of the amount of vegetables I was giving my body. But after noticing my complete dip in energy and quality of life, I decided to stop doing that as well. I eat out only once a week. For the other six days, I always cook.


And it isn’t too bad, because of my chef background, and it is fun trying out and experimenting with recipes, so I can’t complain. I eat relatively healthy, and I work out everyday, and so I realized that the best way to see growth was not to focus on my meals or my exercise, but rather the problem itself. The joe joes.


It’s right about now, when most people either think I’m stupid, or get the point that I am trying to make. In the slow carb diet, I cut out the joe joes entirely, leaving them to be eaten on the last day of my week. With the cravings, loss of energy, and lower quality of life, I needded to implement something similar. My mistake was trying the fix a single problem, by getting an entirely new system. Instead of focusing on the small problem itself, I went out and changed everything.


But everything was not lost, I still have the bag of spinach, which I will be eating everyday, and also all the new recipes I have stored in my repertoire has made me a better chef.


So what was the change that I made? Quite simple. Eat joe joe’s every other day. This may seem like nothing at first, but it is a huge step for me. Of course I want to have the self control to cut them off completely, but I am setting up the game so I can win. For people like me, who have very low amounts of self-control, they need systems like mine, in order to ensure their success.


Hopefully by now, you  have realized that this post is not entirely about my struggle with the delicious, orgasmic, tantric joe joe’s. It is about reflection and strategy. We are all playing the game of life, and some of us deliberately make it needlessly harder on ourselves. I am not talking about the actual difficulties of life that cannot be changed, but the subtle things that we do that doesn’t help anyone.


And whenever we try to make a  change, we either make a perfect plan that is un-executable or too slow. Use the 80/20 analysis, and focus on the 20% that give you 80 percent of your problems and joy. Destroy the small things that give you the most stress, and exploit the small things that give you the most joy. Make it simple.


Simple put,



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