My Day with a Famous Youtuber: Dylan Froscot

So as most of you guys do not know(judging by my subscriber count), I am a youtuber. And I am always looking for ways to get better at making content in order to get a sizable audience. And one of the best ways to do that is to collaborate with people that have a bigger audience than you, so that you can get exposure. And so, I have been trying to do just that for the past few weeks.


I asked countless numbers of youtubers for collaborations, and most of the time, they were either too busy, too far away, or did not respond, and I completely understand. I my subscriber count only had two digits, and so there wasn’t much to gain for them.


Fast forward for about a month, and now I am no longer a youtuber in LA, but now I am in Berkeley. And after a few weeks of making content, I find out that there are a lot of other youtubers on the UC Berkeley Campus, or nearby. Youtubers with 100x or, in this case, 10,000x(!!) the audience that I have.


After all the failed attempts to collaborate, some of the youtubers got back to me. And this is when Dylan Froscot comes in. Dylan Frsocot has been a youtuber for almost 3 years, and he has almost 2 million views on his channels, and he has over 24,000 subscribers. He has a wide variety of content that can make you laugh off your seat, or get you in touch with your emotions, and maybe even shed a tear. And so when I got a reply for him, I was pretty humbled.



I messaged him over his facebook page(all links down below), and he replied the very next day. The first thing that I thought when I interacted with him was, “Don’t F*** this up Sam!”. The second thing I thought was, “Wow, he is so nice”. And it was true throughout the entire collaboration.


Dylan was an incredibly authentic and sincere young man. He was an absolute professional, who knew so much more than me about Youtube, building an audience, and making videos. It was awesome to observe him tinker with lighting, setting, and watch him set up his camera. There was no sense of superiority coming from him, he was just eager and glad to help.


Whenever I asked him a question about his equipment, his channel, or my channel, there was never any backlash. He answered all the questions in the nicest way possible, and he just made you feel welcomed and at home.


So if there was anything to get out of this post, it is that you should never be afraid to reach out, because sometimes life might take you for a ride.



Special Thanks to Dylan Froscot. Watch our collaboration on his channel here~ Follow him on his social media~

Youtube Channel





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