Looking into the Darkness

There is a lot of evil in this world. Rape, death, disease, you name it, it exists. And we will all at least get a taste of the darkness. We will all experience it some way, some more than others, but we will all know that the darkness is there. Some of us will experience that pain, and run away from it. In order to protect themselves, their innocence, their peace of mind, they will run away, and try to experience as little darkness as they can.


But some, they will stare into the darkness and find light. More specifically, the darkness will make the light lighter. If there is darkness is the world, then there is light. Children, love, laughter, and joy all exist next to the darkness. And these brave men and women stare into the darkness unafraid, because they know that if and when they come back into the light, everything will be much brighter.

Here’s the prescription:

You cannot fully experience the light, without having experienced the darkness.

  1. Do not be afraid of the evil within the world.
    Running away from the truth will only leave you more ignorant. Know and experience that it is there, and maybe then you can lighten it up.
  2. Experience the dark, if you want to better appreciate everything else.
    After knowing how evil things can get, everything seems more trivial. Jocko Willink, the Navy Seal, talked about how his experiences in war made all the petty things that people get mad at seem so trivial. When people get stuck in traffic, and they explode in rage, or when someone talks rudely to him,  his experience of true pain and anguish, makes everything lighter, and he actually can enjoy those experiences.


I understand that the darkness is scary and potentially traumatizing. But I would still advise one to not run away from hardship, in order to ensure humility, and a wisdom that understands the difference from the significant and the trivial.


Hello darkness my old friend,



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