Reaching Out: Asking Famous People

So i have been pursuing this dream of building a community for about a month and half now, and there has been reoccurring blessing that has continually surprised me. The people that you think are unreachable, the people that you look up to, the celebrities, the people with what you want, are often entirely reachable. They are often just an email away from giving you feedback.


I have sent out so many emails to people that I thought were too busy, or had a overcrowded community, but still got a response. And it was hugely encouraging and satisfying to communicate with people that have what you want.

Here are some examples:


I got this email from Greg O’ Gallegher of Kinobody, and he was actually the first of three to reply to my emails. I simply asked him what he thought, and I was humbled by his response.


Got this email from Charlie, from Charisma on Command, and was super hyped to get his feedback. Great guy, and he helped me choose the name for Simple Wisdom.


Got this email from Jocko after showing him my blog post, “Mental Toughness“, and I was so glad that he enjoyed it.


So the people that you want to reach out to, they are not unreachable. You just have to be smart about it. Do not start out by asking difficult questions or writing essays within an email. Make it short and simple, and make it easy for them to provide value.





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