Being a Gentlemen, VLogging, and Customer Service


Disclaimer:This is a continuation of my previous post, “The Tar of New Things Trying“.


In that post I talked about trying out new things. And I thought I talked a big game, and showed nothing to back it up. So here is my “let me explain” post.


So I talked about trying new things that will not make you necessarily feel comfortable. In fact, I wrote about how the fear of trying something new is often a good sign to exactly the thing you are afraid of. When you were a kid, and your parents wanted you to try something, to see if you’ll like it or not. Your parents  were often met with an abundance of resistance. You were afraid of trying something new, and you did not want to be put  in that uncomfortable place of uncertainty. And then what happens? Your parents force it upon you, and you end up loving what you were so afraid of. And then I asked a question.


Are we any different today?


Whenever we “know” that we’ll hate something, and then refuse to try it, do we not revert to our child-like selves, and deny what we do not know?  And so I ended the post with a positive, motivational, cliche, nike-like message, Try it.


A Look Back

Now onto the meat of this post. Here are a few things I have been trying 0ut.

  1. I have experimented with vlogging.
    Before hand, I thought vlogging to be a cheap way to create content, because you’re just documenting the daily happenings of your life. But then, I was pushed by a professor of mine, to create new content, and then I looked at vlogs such as the DailyVee, and I loved it. It was very fun to create, and I got a great video with great content out of it. Check out my channel, because I will be releasing it soon~
  2. I have also tried to stop looking at ass, and overall, trying to be a gentlemen. A man with a strict ethical code (this was also in a previous blog post, “My journey to becoming a man, a lover, a boyfriend, and a respectable human being“).This happened because of a friend of mine. My friend and I like to meet every weekend, and catch up over some food and walking. And my friend is a total gentlemen, and completely ethical. And we talked about looking at women’s bodies, and he did not think anything of a woman’s curves when they passed by him. I admired that about him, and so I decided to implement a similar mindset. And so far, I have made a lot of progress. I have not gotten rid of it completely, but I am actively fighting the urges. And I am very glad that I made this change.
  3. I have also tried working as a waiter.
    I hated service work, and since I was a chef before, I felt as if I was “above” the job. However, I wanted to save up some money, so that when I travel, I would have some money to spend, and so I accepted an offer for a waiter position. And so far, I love it. I am great waiter. I have received, in one week, 2 five star reviews on yelp, received two separate tips where the people I served wanted for me to keep the tip only(we share tips in the restaurant), and a phone number;). And a party liked my service so much, that one of those people wanted to take a picture with me, which I happily obliged.


All of these new things that I tried, turned out to be great learning experiences, and just fun to do. And who cares if you end up not liking the thing that you try, just keep going until you find things that you do. You owe it yourself to find all the things in the world that make you a happy, better person.





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