The Tar New Things Trying

Sometimes you got to make something where you have no idea how the audience will receive it. And sometimes you just got to not care. What I am talking about, ladies and gentlemen, is experimenting. Rolling the dice, and hoping that the best happens.


You have to try new things. Like the title I have used for this blog post, instead of writing, “The Art of Trying New Things”, I switched the words around, and switched the letters around in art. I got bored of using the phrase “the art”. I was reviewing how old that phrase had gotten in my head, and so I decided to try something new.


However, there will be times we outline what we thing is best for us, whether it be in what we create, something we might call “artistic vision”, the people we interact with, or even the food we eat. We use the information that is available to us, and we decide what we want and do not want in our lives. But what if we have missed the target with our assumptions?


What if our standards are blinding us to some better alternative? Do you remember as a kid being stubborn about not doing something, whether it be because of fear, or lack of motivation, but once your parents finally force you to try it, you end up loving doing it, despite your reservations? Do you think that has changed because you have gotten older? Are you perfect in your values and tastes now, because you are older?


The answer is of course not. There are an innumerable amount of things that we have yet to try, things that we will not try, because our brains tell us we know everything about what we need and want, and “that thing you see is not one of them”. We revert to our childhood selves, and deny ourselves an experience we have no idea of how it will turn out.


Be like Tim. . .Ferriss. Be like Tim Ferriss.


Try everything once(except hard drugs, stay away from that shit. You do not want to do that). Anyways, try everything once. And if you have a reaction like you did as a child, where you instantly “knew” that what was in front of you was not for you, maybe that is the sure-tell sign that you most definitely should do it.


I just want you guys to have the most fulfilling life imaginable. Go out there and be men and women, instead of boys and girls. Be the best version you can possibly be. Be open-minded. BE OPEN TO EVERYTHING. TRY AND TEST THINGS OUT. Who knows, you might be glad that you did.





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