My First Vlog!

I am very excited to share my first vlog video with you guys. I have been split between whether I should vlog or not, because before, I thought of it was a cheap form of content. I thought it was just a way to “just get something out there”. And the only thing that changed my mind, was a Gary Vaynerchuck video, from one of his DailyVee vlogs, where he said, “Document, Don’t create”.


I don’t want to take that quote out of context, so let me explain. Before he said this, he was talking about how people are worried about just creating, and this restricts the growth that they can achieve. And so he advised the young man he was talking to, to document instead of worrying about a perfect end product, And so that was what I did.


In this video, I recorded some scenery, and a meaningful conversation I had with a friend of mine. I took out what he said, out of courtesy to his own privacy, but we went over some very interesting topics such as; the dangers of having a a “type” when it comes to women, vlogging itself, and much more.


I know you will get a lot out of this vlog, it was so fun to make, and I hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks you guys for all the support so far.




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