Long Distance Relationships: The Pain to keep you growing

I have recently begun a long distance relationship. And I won’t lie, it is hard. The first night away, I felt so helpless. After having been able to see her everyday, sleep with her, and touch her, and all of a sudden, having that all taken away, it was too much to take in all at once.


But like all things, we get use to them over time. However, there is one thing that I found which can make the distance work, and make things easier, and that was having a goal together. Something to reach for together.


We share the goal of trying to get better at communicating with one another by sharing how we feel, and also having a consistent calling schedule.


You should also have your own personal goals. I have goals that are for the relationship, like being her man even though I can not physically be with her, but I also have goals that are for myself, such as learning and growing everyday. Allow your goals to mold you, and make you a better person, and also a better couple.


Take this time you guys have away from one another to focus within. Become a better person. Try to be more disciplined, and orientate your days in a way that will make you grow. And, most importantly, support your partner by letting them know you’re there for them in a way that they want to hear. 


Let me say that again. Let them know that you’re there for them in a way that they want to hear. Not how you want to say it, but how they want to hear it. How can you tell them that through your actions that will be most effective? In the way that it would be the most meaningful for your partner?

Conclusion-The Take Away

You owe it to yourself to grow, but also to your partner to still be there for them.


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