The Art of not caring, and continually creating

When you’re trying to be a successful blogger, youtuber, ie Creative, you are continuously creating and publishing. And you will have videos/posts, that will do well, but you will also have videos/posts that won’t. And that is part of the daily grind.


The purpose to your creativity is to create, not be admired. You shouldn’t make something great because you want to be admired, famous, or rich. You should create because you want to create something of value. You want to make something good. You chose to publish whatever you did, because you saw that value, and other people did not see it, and that’s all that happened.


Now you can take that happenstance, and choose to learn from it. Maybe your view of what is valuable is wrong, and you should  change that and apply that to your next piece of work. Or you can choose to believe that you know what value is, and continue to make art. But the point is, that your only option as a creative is to make art.


Do not stop.


Keep creating, and keep putting your heart into what you do. Do not be discouraged by the fact that other people didn’t notice what you did, and did not do. All that matters is that you created whatever you did, and that you are moving onto the next thing. If you choose to waster your time, and linger in the past, because of the reaction that you did not like, only your art will suffer.


Can you afford that? Just take what you can from the experience and move on. This goes for all aspects of life as well, whether it be rejection from a job, a girl, a boy, a man, a woman, anything.


Be who you are, a creative. A creative does not hold onto the past, because he cannot create in the past. She can’t choose to, because her art will suffer. Be creative, not judgmental.


Good luck creating!



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