My First Blog Post: My Journey to Success

This blog holds the perspective of following someone before their success. Now the way I wrote that entails that success is inevitable, and I believe that. This intro blog post, although I have published 20 already, will explain to you what I am and doing.


What I am is easy. I am a man eager for success, and this blog post will be a journal of sorts, that will reveal my thoughts, philosophies, and my ramblings.

Now onto the good part.

I love trying new things, and I am at ease when I feel I am disciplined, and I have control over my life. Now my ultimate goal is to have a happy successful life, and in order to achieve that, I am doing a few things.


  1. I wake up at around 5:30am naturally, and I write a blog post.
    Every blog post I write feels like I am investing just a little more towards my success.
  2. I make at least 2 youtube videos a week(my channel). I get a similar feeling every time I upload a new video, get a comment or a subscriber, or when someone likes my videos.
  3. I read 2-4 books a week. If there is one thing that I can attribute my success so far, then it would have to be books. Sure, my curiosity is what led me there, but the books are what showed me the way.


I am just focused on creating right now. I want to make good content, and so I am putting out as much content as possible. I want to develop a community that will give me sufficient feedback, and I want to be able to depend on a group of people to help me on my journey. Success is not success unless it can be shared. I want to share it with the people that helped me from the beginning to the end.


I hope you guys stay with me on this journey, or join me intermittently along the way.

Know that I welcome criticism. I am writing to get better, not to impress.

Thanks for reading,



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