Being Genuine over being viral

I am at a crossroad in my journey as a youtuber and blogger. If I wish to create the art that I want to, then I must accept the fact that my audience will not grow. The things that go viral have high value and trendy. I am neither of those things. . .yet.


Right now, I can not provide a high value of content, simply because I am still starting. I am still finding my ground, and trying to raise the bar of my content. I have reached a bar, and I am trying to break it.


I am also not trendy. Since I have not received a huge amount of followers, likes, views, or subscribers, I am not trending. And I believe this is because I do not provide I high enough value yet.


Now, I can always make a video that I know will be watched because of the viral and fun content, but if my heart is not in it, why should I? I need to find content with similar footing, that my heart can dive into. Only then, will I be okay with myself, and content with the content.


Right now I am going to start working on my speaking skills in front of a camera, and I am going to try to find a nice room, with an intimate feel, so that I can be me, and not worry about the people around me.


If you read this far, I thank you tremendously. Please join me on my journey as I try to become a successful youtuber.





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