Shep Gordan: Choosing to be happy, Having a list of things that make you happy to be happy.

Finding things that make you happy, and doing them. This is a thought that escapes me too often. To me, happiness is a mindset that translates into every action. If you are happy, the things you do, you will do happily. But the same thing goes for any other emotion. If you’re pissed off, if you’re depressed, those emotions will leak through whatever you feel.


So to me, happiness was a state that you envelope, and then, carry with you wherever you go. I still believe this, but I forgot such a simple truth. I forgot that there are many sides to every story. Everything has an unexplored concept/facet, and the same goes for happiness.


Shep Gordan, a genius public manager that appeared on the latest episode of the Tim Ferriss Podcast(here’s the link), has a list of things that make him happy, such as dipping in a Jacuzzi or cooking for 30 minutes. He has things that he can rely on to re-tune him back to a life that he desires. I would advise the having the same thing.

So what came to mind for me initially was working out.  Although I can’t really say that I become happy because of my workouts, but I can say that I feel as though I re-tune myself to life. I get the same effect that he described in the podcast.


The crucial part to this exercise is to find something simple, so you can fall back on it with ease.


The next step is finding something that gives off happiness as well as the tuning effect. Join me as I try to find something simple that makes me happy.



(credit to Tim Ferriss for the amazing podcast episode)



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