How to Study in the Ivy League

I go to the fourth best university in the world, according to this article(at that level though, every one is so good, that it’s impossible to compare). UC Berkeley is a great school, and I would like to share some tips on how to not only survive, but strive in a Ivy League school. Now of course you do not have to be attending an Ivy League school to implement these tips. If you would like to gift yourself an Ivy League education, then please take these tips into heart.

Now onto the show, go bears!

The first tip would have to be, “Stay on TARGET!”. Not to quote Star Wars, but you cannot fall behind. You have to stay on top of things, and do not allow yourself to believe that you will be okay if you procrastinate for a day or two. If you have some time left over, use that time to get ahead, and “Stay on TARGET!”. If you are given two weeks to write an essay, or make a presentation, utilize every day within those two weeks to developing and perfecting your work.


Now once you have done that, the second tip is to personalize every course. The professors are presenting their classes in the way that they see fit. It is how they communicate, and so obviously their lectures will be littered with idiosyncratic phrases that have helped them learn the material. You need to do the same thing. After a lecture, and after taking effective notes, the next day, review your notes, and on a separate sheet of paper, make a study guide yourself, and personalize it so you will retain the covered information better.

Another tip would be to visit your professor’s office hours. Besides making a new friend, you also learn the personal philosophies of the professor, and also what they expect from the class. All this information will equip you to write a better paper, and do better on the test. The professor is there to guide your focus, allow them to.

And the last tip, Participate in class discussion.Let your thoughts be heard. So what if they’re wrong? That is what you are inside the class for, you want to edify your thoughts, and attain a more clear thinking process. You are in there to learn, and the more interactions you have, the easier it will be for you to progress.

I hope you guys enjoyed this. Follow for more. And here’s a quick video that goes more in depth!


Go bears!



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