How to stop taking life so Seriously


Running away from the task at hand.

Taking life too seriously.


Now if you are like me, you can’t really take a joke. Everything feels like an attack on who you are as a person, and so, you choose to get hurt or angry. And usually, by the end of the exchange, you feel like the lesser. So how do you stop taking life so seriously? What do you say to the person who has seen hell in life? How do you tell that person to lighten up a little?  How do you tell them to smile every once in awhile, and that life shouldn’t be so blue. What do you say? What do you say to yourself?



No one can make something that you take serious, and turn it into a joke. No one can lighten the world that YOU live in. If you want to take control over your life, you have to be the voice that whispers “lighten up”. You have to be the voice that tells you to “smile every once in awhile.”


You have to help yourself. 

And when the time comes, whether it be at a party, family gathering, or just some random hangout, and some dick has the gall to make fun of you. Laugh. It was pretty funny, and somewhat true. You’re not perfect. You have imperfections, and if you’re the first one to know that, then you can’t get hurt. THEY can’t hurt.


And soon enough, you’ll start to be able to make fun of yourself. You don’t have a temper or a bad attitude. You just have a shield, and you’re afraid to put it down, because every time you did, you got hurt, and that is okay. But now, your arms are getting sore, and they need rest. If you don’t someone really bad will come and kick the shit out of you. Lay down your shield and have a pint. Live a little. The world is not all bad. You just stayed put on the wrong side.


I know you have good friends, so go out there and be with them. If they decide to pull a fast one, it’s okay. They weren’t trying to hurt you, they were just having fun. Go crack one at their expense, if that will make it easier for you. Just relax. Have fun. And be who you are.


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